I Want Tony And Sam Too

D Fox, activated by CIA Director Jones to hunt down Tony and Sam Ward. Who was still in a state of confusion, begins this thriller as Sam Ward is still on the run with her. Together with Mic Singletary, their FBI friend. The CIA trails them around the world to find Tony Ward. Sam and D are being shadowed as they put together leads to find his father, to help protect him. Meanwhile, stories from the past flashed back to reveal the truth about Tony Ward and his early days in the CIA.

SECRETS: Follow The Footsteps of Jesus

What remained a mystery still remains a mystery but the secrets of the Bible is now revealed.

“...the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord's people.” - Colossians 1:26 NIV

The Bible remains a mystery (from the greek mysterion “μυστήριον”, plural mysteria “μυστήρια”). But it is through the Holy Spirit we would receive the wisdom and understanding in reading God’s Word. The Bible is full of examples – the Saints who served to spread the Good News, and Jesus himself who died for the world’s salvation – that showed us how to live according to God’s path and apply His word to enrich our lives.


This book is a collection of short poems about 50 different toxic persons we all need to avoid. Each three-stanza poem describes the negative attitude with humour and boldness that shoots straight to the heart.


Monica, fulfilling every woman’s dream also gets to meet the most sought after bachelor in the world.

Mark, a self made billionaire who owns condominium-hotels around the world wooed her. After his proposal, they went on a pre-nuptial vacation which led to a plane crash, causing them both to be comatose. Separated by two hospitals and several months of deep sleep, they woke up in a romance nightmare that would change their lives forever. Monica wakes up with amnesia and met Mike, Mark’s twin brother, who took her halfway around the world. Mark wakes up from his coma and searches for the love of his life, only to lose her to his own flesh and blood.

Will Mark find his true love back? Will Monica return to Mark? Does hello always ends with a goodbye?


Meet Sam. A computer savvy kid, 17 -year- old Sam Ward is just an ordinary teen, living a normal high-school life.

But coming home one day... He found his Father dead on the floor. This changed his life forever.

He started running... become the most wanted kid in the entire world.

Together with his girlfriend, Delilah, a professional hacker and a gun enthusiast, they decided to fight back. Then they began to search for answers...

Will they find the truth about his dad's murder?


So what would you do with all your money, fancy cars, big houses, jewelries, and your most prized possessions, when the earth’s surface will now be smelted by the fiery sun and will eat away the earth’s entire atmosphere, and vaporize this into nonexistence?

Kevin knows this as early as 1980 when the DEWA (Department of Early Warning Assessment) in a false report to the UN environmental program agencies at a UN conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Kevin is thrown into a web of deception, and just before the very important UN Budget Committee meeting, his boss suddenly and unexpectedly falls ill. Taking his boss’ place at the meeting, he is threatened, coerced, and blackmailed. To make matters worse, his sister and his girlfriend have been abducted. Now with the help of his brother-in-law, Ray Reynolds, an elite military commando, the two is thrown into a race with time to save their loved ones, and thwarts the conspiracy not only inside the UN, but what Mother nature herself have kept a secret so big, bigger than the UN, and much bigger than the world itself. Will Kevin be successful in finding out the truth? Will Ray at Sound beach, with the help of God, be able to accommodate all the evacuees from all over the world?

The Sun Day biblically chronicles about the apocalyptic times, the end of the sun - known as the Red Giant, and it shows the human nature of the people in how they cope with crisis. Learn how a person can transform from personal greed and fighting each other for food; to helping others and self-sacrifice. It also tells about the UN and how it leads the world to survival and human-preservation. But most importantly, it tells about family, community, brotherhood, helping-hands, and Christian love.

Short Stories Of The Days To Come

8-Part Series about the coming Biblical end-times, dealing with contemporary environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, and conspiracies inside governmental bureaucracies that control social and environmental policies.