Short Stories Of The Days To Come

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UN Officer Kevin McCallister made a false report about climate change at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, but finds discrepancies in the data being presented. Sharing this concern to his boss, Kevin is ignored and finally suspects a conspiracy inside the UN.


With just a couple of days before the upcoming UN budget committee hearing, Kevin is now threatened, coerced, and blackmailed, as his sister and girlfriend have been abducted.


Following a lead in Switzerland, Ray barely escapes from assassination attempts as he runs a one-man rescue operation to save Claudine and Carolina.


At the UN budget hearing, Kevin exposes his findings and the truth to the whole committee, only to find himself thrown in a web of lies, manipulation, deceit, and worse, betrayal.


Decades later, in the present day, a catastrophic global flooding occurs around the world. Kevin and Ray's hometown, Sound Beach, is badly devastated. Determined to build their community back, Ray brings his people back to God, and fights the greedy intentions of businessmen.


The mountain survivors and their leader, Evan, join the Sound Beach community, where everything seems to be a paradise. Soon enough after their grand Sound Beach Community Center is built, Evan suspects a foul play that Carlos and Kyle are hiding from him.


After getting thrown out of the Council meeting, Evan and his group trek back to the mountain, and raid a neighboring island for food and resources, leading them to the greatest discovery of their lives.


It's the year 2015: oceans and seas all over the world have started to evaporate away, leaving the beachfront in Sound Beach with drying cracked land. In Canada, a team of scientists detects abnormalities in the Sun - that would not only be the end of Earth, but the end of everything itself.